2 thoughts on “What do the rings of different colors mean”

  1. 1. Red: indicates vitality, health, enthusiasm and hope
    2. Orange: indicates excitement, joy, liveliness and beauty
    3. Yellow: indicates mild, bright and happy
    4. Green: indicates youth, peace and vitality
    5. Cyan: indicates hope, strength and solemnity
    6. Blue: it means beautiful, fresh and quiet
    7. Purple: indicates nobility, elegance and luxuriance
    8. Gold: it means glory, splendor and brilliance
    9. White: indicates purity, holiness and freshness
    10. Black: indicates mystery, silence and sadness.

  2. Pink -
    relatively perceptual, gentle in life Brown -
    strong basic desire black -
    emotional sadness gray -
    dislike emotional excitement and emotional overflow, avoid too deep friendship yellow -
    happy and relaxed. Green ----
    calm and restrained; purple ----
    sentimental; blue ----
    calm; red ----
    means "fire" or "blood"

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