How to make love to a woman? Don't have sex after drinking

How can women satisfy sex? Men in bed want to satisfy their wives or girlfriends and conquer women, not money. So, how do women satisfy sex?

How to make love to a woman

1. Adhere to the principle of women first

This is not the ancient society, where women's subordinate status is rapidly diluting and their social status is rising. Men should put down macho attention, act like gentlemen and adhere to the principle of women first. Paying attention to women's feelings during sex and allowing women to reach orgasm first is a basic principle. This not only ensures additional orgasmic experiences for women, but also facilitates effective sexual stimulation and full arousal for men with erectile dysfunction. Foreign clinical studies show that the women who reach orgasm first are much more physically and mentally robust than those who reach orgasm later.

2. ‚ÄčLearning to touch slowly and using Anime Sex Dolls

In reality, a lot of men don't have foreplay at all during sex, but when they do, they jump right in so they don't get perfect sex. At the same time, numerous women want their men to slow down when they are in love. Because easy caress can increase a woman's happiness. But when men slow down, they go from stimulation to depression. In this case, men will learn how to consciously give women wonderful stimulation without decreasing their interest. Try to delay direct stimulation. The end result is greater pleasure for women.

3. A man keeps a watch by his bed

Men always hope that they can last a long time in sex, thinking that it will showoff their style. However, when men are in love, they keep a watch by their bed, and when they are in love, they look up from time to time. There is a really unusual phenomenon that when the libido is erect, they have a large error in timing. Men seem to have been caressing for 10 or 15 minutes, but it's actually only a minute or two. If a man truly caresses for 10 to 15 minutes, a man can start to give a woman the stimulation she truly needs. At the time, women were completely mobilized and more receptive to men.

4. Talk about love

In China, due to the influence of thousands of years of traditional culture, Chinese men and women dare not put the topic of love on the table, especially between husband and wife. They think it absurd to talk about such things. In fact, surveys and studies show that. If you can talk about love regularly with your sexual partner, discuss how to pursue a more perfect love. Say sweet words like "Honey", "I miss you", "great", etc., to enhance the sweetness.

5. ‚ÄčIntroducing her to your body

It's not only women but men also, but we don't pay enough attention to it. Men with these sensitive bands dream that you can touch them. Only by letting her know about your sex zone can a woman excite a man's sex zone. Men can let them dream of being caressed. They are: lips, teeth, earlobes and neck, chest and abdomen.

These are the tips recommended by Xiaobian in bed. I want you to have the perfect sex life.

6, drunk sex is not suitable

Leading men in movies and TV shows frequently get drunk and mess up, which makes it seem to many people that drinking alcohol is excellent for sex, so some people try to stimulate their central nervous system and boost their sex drive by drinking tiny amounts of alcohol, which, in fact, is scientifically undesirable. If you drink a lot of alcohol during the meal, most women and some men will experience a decrease in libido. In addition, after drinking, people are in a brief state of excitement, sex life prone to excitement or rude and reckless behavior, accelerated pace, excessive concentration of energy is also easy to lead to premature ejaculation of men, hindering the harmony of sex life. Alcohol damage to the heart, liver, nerves and other organs, coupled with the nervous system in the sex life is extremely exciting, extensive sexual organ congestion, will aggravate organ damage. Alcohol stimulates vascular spasm, accelerates blood flow and elevates blood pressure in the cardiovascular system, inducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, leading to death. Getting pregnant after drinking can endanger the fetus. Alcohol and sexual arousal are more likely to occur.

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