1 thought on “Is there any unique place in the PT950 diamond ring?”

  1. Pure, platinum luster and white, natural and pure, is a perfect expression and inner real reflection. The platinum content of platinum jewelry is generally 950 ‰, so it will not fade or change color, and can still keep shiny in the passage of time. Platinum's natural white luster can best reflect the real light of diamonds. The purity of platinum is also very suitable for skin wear. Because it does not contain impurities, platinum does not cause allergic reactions to the skin. Unique, Levis is the first brand of proposal diamond ring. Each man needs a real -name system to customize Levis and give it to your favorite girl. Follow "! With the exclusive imprint, engraving the romantic time of two people's life is a unique authentic token. Eternal, platinum density and weight make it more durable than other jewelry metal. The weight of a six -inch square (15 cm) platinum cube weighs 165 pounds (75 kg), which is equivalent to the weight of an ordinary man. Platinum heat -resistant and acid -resistant, will not wear, can stably and securely fix the precious jewelry. All valuable metals will leave scratches, and platinum is no exception. However, the scratches on platinum only move the metal and will not reduce its volume. If there are indeed scratches on the naked eye on the platinum, qualified jewelry vendors can be polished for it. Rare, platinum is the most rare precious metal in the world, and is a treasure chased by those who pursue the taste of life. Platinum is 30 times thinner than gold. Globally, it can only be mined in very few places. If all the platinums in the world are poured into an Olympic standard swimming pool, it is not enough to cover the instep. There are many swimming pools. The rare platinum makes it more noble and different, and can fully show your personality.

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