5 thoughts on “Is the old farmer who picked up the golden cultural relics and merged into gold?”

  1. As long as the cultural relics have a certain collection value, let alone gold cultural relics, and the gold can only be sold at the unit’s gold price, and the value is relatively low. It can be said that it is absolutely lost.

  2. Everyone knows that my country is an ancient civilization with a history of five thousand years. The ancient ancestors created one breathtaking treasure with a pair of hard -working hands. With the popularity of archeological technology, more and more cultural relics have been dug out of the ground, preserving in the eyes of the museum in the eyes of the museum.
    but some cultural relics were discovered by the people inadvertently. Since the 1980s, my country has begun to attach importance to the protection of the unearthed cultural relics. In addition to archeological excavation of archeological teams, some parts are the regular surveys of cultural relics to collect census and collect precious cultural relics. But even so, there are still “cultural relic tragedies” incident.
    In the early 1980s, a ordinary old farmer Li who lived in a small mountain village in Yizheng, Inner Mongolia, often went to pick up waste products to sell them to maintain daily life. One day, he planned to go to a garbage station under the slope of the suburbs, and wanted to go there to find out to see if he could pick up things. He walked slowly to the garbage station with a small hoe and shovel, and then rolled in the garbage dump. It did not take long for not digging. The old farmer surnamed Li had excavated some bronze arrows and rusty iron rods from the soil layer below the garbage dump. Among them, the rusty iron rod was also stained with a layer of golden yellow pupa.
    , although Li Laohan is not highly cultural, he has worked for the landlord’s house in the old society when he was young, because he has been with the landlord for a long time, and he knows gold more or less. Seeing the golden light on the iron rod, he felt that these crickets should be gold. Later, he brought these golden crickets back to his home. After burning with fire, it was determined to be genuine gold.
    The picked up gold in the dump, which excited Li Laohan. So I couldn’t care about it, I came to the garbage dump again overnight, tapped it with a hoe for a night, and picked up a large bag of iron sticks from it. After that, he took all the iron rods home and washed with water, and found that there were some golden pupa on the iron rod, and the shape seemed very chic. There are birds with birds, dragon totems, and other animal marks. Obviously, this is ancient cultural relics, but Li Laohan didn’t know it. He only sold these golds to sell these gold in his heart, so as to change a few money to live.
    The next day, he brought these gold jewelry to the county bank with money. After the bank staff carefully counted, after obtaining Li Laohan’s consent It was melted, and three pounds of gold was obtained after melting. According to the gold price at that time, the golden bumps brought by Li Laohan finally sold more than 4,000 yuan.
    News, in the 1980s, more than 4,000 yuan was a huge sum. With the money, Li Laohan said goodbye to the life of the past, and his actions aroused the curiosity of the local neighbors. Soon, after everyone learned that he had picked up gold in the dump, the news also shocked the local cultural relics.
    The rapid archaeological experts of the Cultural Relics Bureau investigated Li Laohan and learned that the iron rods he melted were not ordinary items, but the golden cultural relics of the Huns period, with high historical research value. According to experts, the golden cultural relics melted by Li Laohan are worth at least about 30 million.

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