1 thought on “Is it only needed for a warranty to buy a deposit?”

  1. No, you need an invoice. The invoice proves that the transfer of ownership and the sale of goods requires tax collection. The warranty is about after -sales service, which is mainly used to ensure the quality of the product.
    If after buying gold jewelry, there is any problem with the quality. After providing the warranty, the merchant will repairs or replace you, and the invoice mainly proves when it was purchased in this store, so when invoicing, you need See what votes are.
    In addition to the invoice, buying gold jewelry also has a purchase voucher or a small ticket or a warranty. The list needs to contain information such as jewelry name, purity, gram of weight, price. Gold jewelry will provide purchase invoices, purchase vouchers and warranties in the future after sales, maintenance, and replacement of new after -sales, repairs, etc. in order to enjoy the assured services.
    The gold of all brands must be tested from the factory to the cabinet, and the level is cleared:
    The one also, most brands do not have their own factories. The franchisees go to Shenzhen themselves, and the brand requires designated shops to choose goods. Therefore, many store names are the same, but many goods are different. Only patented products will be the same.
    This is because each franchisee has a different vision, but the supply is in Shenzhen Shuiba. As long as it is not the inconspicuous jewelry shop on the roadside, basically regular brands will not go to small workshops to choose goods, so you don’t have to worry about which brand is pure and impure. Service, which is highly cost -effective, and other issues are solved.

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