5 thoughts on “Is it harmful to human body to wear gold ornaments for a long time?”

  1. Wearing gold ornaments for a long time will affect people's health. The easily caused effects are:

    1. Jewelry dermatitis

    some women wear rings and necklaces, causing contact dermatitis on the neck and fingers, skin itching, erythema, peeling, papules, and even asthma or systemic urticaria

    2. Local infection

    when piercing ear holes, tongue holes or nostrils, infection may be caused due to lax local disinfection or improper care after the event, and secondary infection may also be caused due to organ damage caused by friction and sagging of jewelry

    3, causing malformation

    the most common is the ring-shaped deformity of fingers or toes. Some people wear the ring for a long time and do not take it off even when they sleep at night, which will cause local blood supply shortage, cause the hyperplasia of the lower part of the ring or local persistent infection, and finally lead to the deformity of fingers or toes

    extended data:

    limit of harmful elements


    1. When used for perforation of ear or any other part of human body, the nickel release of products used in the process of perforation wound healing should be less than 0.2 μ g/(cm2·week)。


  2. The local infection caused by wearing gold is actually caused by the injury not being treated in time. Wearing earrings, the earrings will rub against the ear roots. Wearing bracelets and necklaces is the same. The skin will be abraded during the friction with the skin. Because the wound is not treated in time, it will fester due to bacterial infection in hot summer. This phenomenon rarely occurs, but it may also exist. However, the purulence and infection are caused by friction or the wound is not treated in time, not because gold is harmful to the skin. On the contrary, gold has bacteriostatic effect and can play a certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role.

  3. In fact, gold jewelry can not only decorate beauty, but also the internal molecular structure of gold is very stable, so it can be worn as jewelry for a long time. Many R

  4. Wearing gold jewelry can also bring security risks. The birth of a newborn is a joy for every family. The elders often send gold bracelets, long-life locks and other things to the children when they are one year old. The children are soft and cute, and the exquisite gold ornaments are more lively and pleasant. However, they do not know that this will bring great security risks.

  5. Wearing gold jewelry for a long time will lead to skin allergy. Some people will have allergic reactions when wearing gold jewelry, and local inflammation and rash will occur. Therefore, they think that gold jewelry is harmful to a certain extent. Otherwise, the body will not have such reactions. The reason is that the purity of gold may not be enough, maybe it is gold plating, or the solder on the welding joint of gold may react, So some people have allergic reactions. Some people are susceptible to allergies because there are hundreds of allergens in the human body. Some people are allergic to pollen; Some people are allergic to catkins; Some people are allergic to animals, so they may also be allergic to metals.

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