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  1. In the field of jewelry fashion, the jewelry of the East is still a little bit of knowledge. Jewelry has oriental jewelry and Western fashion jewelry: different materials. In the choice of jewelry materials, Orientals prefer a series of Oriental culture with Oriental culture The gemstones of the legacy, such as emeralds, jade, and corals. Jade has a long history in China. As early as 10,000 years ago in the late Paleolithic era, Chinese ancestors discovered and started using jade. Essence
    . After thousands of years of development, it has reached a perfect realm. Its influence is far -reaching, and even affects the material aesthetic choices of some oriental countries such as Japan and South Korea. In a sense, the emerald culture is the emerald culture is The synonym for traditional Chinese jewelry, Westerners pay attention to the appearance of objects and like shiny and dazzling things. Therefore, color gems such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are the favorite jewelery of Westerners. The themes selected are different. Dragon is China's totem image.

    has further sacred through the development of totems, forming a comprehensive totem image of various animal characteristics such as dragon and phoenix. In it, the lion is the incarnation of "noble", representing "victory". The elephant is a sacred animal, symbolizing "longevity" and "eternity". Design focuses on "vivid", pursue elegant and introverted design style, and emphasizes grasping artistic conception.

    "White" is one of the main features of the oriental design. Westerners are rationalists. They pay attention to the processing of structure and the use of materials in the design. The geometric technology and reasonable design characteristics fully reflect the full reflection With the style of Western jewelry, jewelry culture is different. With the advancement of the times, the art and culture of Eastern and Western Eastern and Western are gradually integrated. Different cultural elements can be found in life, entertainment, diet, music and clothing. , Geometric aesthetics and other elements represent Western jewelry and elegant jade.

    A diamonds are the most expensive gems in the world. In 1988, the Sotheby's auction house in New York auctioned a diamond with a mass of 0.95 carats, which were worth $ 975,000 per carat. The real value is not exactly its price itself. It symbolizes the endless love and the beauty of life. It brings romantic colors to women, leaving beautiful memories. People buy diamonds to buy dreams, ideals and emotions.

  2. Be sure to pay attention to the color matching, and match the overall color. At the same time, the jewelry must be matched with your makeup. You must be targeted in the choice.

  3. Jewelry fashion is a large category of fashion, and the fashion of jewelry is very fast. There are different popularity in each period. Both styles and materials need to be continuously introduced.

  4. This product is generally more important than fashion, and the design sense is very strong. At the same time, there will also be some avant -garde designs. It is also a fashion single product. It is very cost -effective. At the same time, the selected materials are also very good.

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