How to play Swordsman Gambao Detailed Explanation Raiders for Bad Mystery

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  1. When preparing for the battle, I generally choose to carry the potion reagent to increase the robber reagent that increases the attack power (don't ask me why I don't need to be more advanced, I am a novice advanced stage with lower simulation levels.) Its effect is increased in the copy. Out of the attack power of Gangbao. The artifact is generally a gangster gloves (adding 5 o'clock attack power of Zhangobo) or the Duke Duke belt (adding 3 o'clock attack power and 40 life value). As for the soul link, there are very few choices in the early days of Gamboo. Swordsman Gangbao's camp is the Blade of Ovilu. At the beginning of the game, the adventurer of our activated Gangbao belongs to You can choose him in this camp. Of course, if you can have other better choices!
    After entering the copy, the first thing we need to do is to use the robber reagents we carried before. From the beginning, we will increase our attack power. A career title "Trainee Warrior", it can add 1 point of attack power to us, so that in the early stage of the copy, we have a good basic attack power. Can fight very high damage in the battle!
    The special level item in the abandoned edge -Dead Spirit Experimental Design, through this level item player can make a variety of special equipment that is exclusive to the abandoned border barrier, these equipment can help us in subsequent battles Go further! In addition to making props, the Dead Spirit Experimental Desk can also upgrade the production equipment to make it more powerful. The materials for making these equipment are hidden in our copy. Players need to collect materials (tibia, skull, sternum, etc.) by killing monsters or picking props. Natural disaster bells, Lich ancient boots, and undead bone armor, I still recommend that players can make all the above three characteristic equipment, which will help the survival of the copy. Nothing.

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