1 thought on “How to avoid diamond ring shrinking”

  1. When choosing a diamond ring, many people focus on the diamond 4C. However, when you are happy to choose the diamond ring, have you ever thought about your diamond ring inadequate? How to avoid the diamond ring shrinking?
    Why do diamond rings shrink?
    The seems to have such a hidden rule in the jewelry industry, that is, some unbearable businesses scored 1 point in the diamond weight inside the ring. To 2 points.
    After all, after the diamond is inlaid, few people say that the diamonds are disassembled and then re -weighted, so many businesses have been given by many businesses. It is possible that the merchant has changed or you can't find it at all, so there will be a lot of cat greasy in the price in terms of price.
    On how to avoid shrinking diamond rings?
    1. Be sure to buy in business with integrity and reputation.
    2. Try to buy diamonds with certificates encoded on the waist. This diamond can view consistency through a microscope before and after inlaid. Diamonds will never fall out of the bag and will not shrink.
    3. Diamonds in the mall may not have international certificates, but now the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center requires that diamonds with more than 30 points are engraved, so when buying diamond rings in the mall, just look for it. Diamonds at the National Quality Inspection Center are fine.
    4. You can buy a naked diamond inlaid diamond ring. In this way, you can say on the spot or take a re -inspection. In terms of clarity, color, and weight, you can ensure that your diamond ornaments are "diamonds", and you can choose naked diamonds that are not easy to cover up. The diamond ring is more beautiful and the price is much cheaper.
    If if you buy a diamond ring, the price is actually very high, because the brands of merchants such as Zhou Dafu and Zhou Shengsheng will add the added value of the brand, which is relatively high. The price is relatively high. Low, the main evaluation of diamonds is to use the four major standards of the diamond color, clarity, weight, and cutting to transport the value of the diamonds. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a regular website to buy it. If you decide to buy a diamond ring online If you, you must find a regular website. After all, the money for buying a diamond ring is not a small number. My colleague has developed a diamond ring for his girlfriend's real name in the online mall of Jin Taifu. If you customize it, you can consider the Jin Taifu Diamond Wedding Diamond Customization Center. It is said that Jin Taifu Diamond Customization Center focuses on custom emotional diamond jewelry. Incorporate the little bit of love into the design. It is favored by urban white -collar workers. The female colleagues in our office think his girlfriend is very happy. We all envy. We all think that this male colleague is very considerate. I think such a diamond ring is also suitable for you and your girlfriend.

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