How much is this diamond?

How much is this diamond, only the CIA international certificate,

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  1. How big are you, according to different cutting and different sizes, different purity, the price is different
    , such as a 50 -point diamond 1W yuan, the same color, the same clarity, and the same cut diamond (That is, 100 points) The price is definitely not 1W*2 = 2W, but about 4W.
    general tens of thousands can be used to propose

  2. This drilling clarity is too bad. It is necessary to compare the color of the color of the F color SI1 that is similar to the same color. The parcel is too obvious to see

  3. A diamonds around one carat, at the E -color level, the price on the market is about 50,000. It depends on where the diamond origin is? What is its brand? Does its cutting technology have a very high level?

  4. The stone is called "Diamond Diamond". That is, the original body of the diamonds we often call, it is a mineral composed of carbon elements, a homogenic alien of carbon. Vajrayana is the hardest material in nature. Vajrayana is very useful, such as: crafts and industry cutting tools. Graphite can form an artificial diamond under high temperature and high pressure. It is also valuable gemstone.
    In December 2018, a yellow diamond weighing 552 carats was unearthed in Canada, which made it the largest diamond found in North America [1].
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    The crisis in the diamond industry, the world's largest diamond dealer, Daibels, sells less $ 1.4 billion this year
    This: interface news
    Arvison: Said the text
    object data
    1. Character: powder
    2. Density (g/mlat 25 ° C): 3.5
    3. 3550 ° C-4000 ° C
    4. Absolute hardness: 10000-2500
    Calculated chemical data
    1, hydrophobic parameter calculation reference value (XLOGP): -1.1
    2, hydrogen bonding supply body body body Quantity: 0
    3, number of hydrogen bond receptors: 2
    4, quantity of rotating and transforming chemical bonds: 0
    5, quantity of mutant structures:
    6, topology polarity surface area (TPSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ): 34.1
    7, number of weight atoms: 2
    8, surface charges: 0
    9, complexity: 0
    10, quantity of homicide atoms: 0
    11, determine atomic establishment Quantity of the center: 0
    12, the number of atomic vein centers: 0
    13, determine the number of chemical bonding centers: 0
    14, the number of uncertain chemical bonding centers: 0
    15,, the Number of covalent key units: 1 [2]
    physical properties
    Mohs hardness 10, new Mohs hardness 15, microscopic hardness 10000kg/mm2, microscopic hardness is 1000 higher than quartz 1000 More than 150 times higher than Gangyu. The hardness of diamond stone is directional. The hardness of the eight -sided crystal surface is greater than that of the diamond -shaped dose -as -as -surface crystal hardness. rn依照摩氏硬度标准(Mohs hardness scale)共分10级,钻石(金刚石)为最高级第10级;如小刀其硬度约为5.5、铜币约为3.5至4、指甲约为2至3. The hardness of the glass is 6.
    Due to the highest hardness, diamond powder or laser (such as 532nm or 1064nm wavelength laser) must be used for cutting and processing of diamonds. The density of diamonds is 3.52g/cubic centimeter, the refractive index is 2.417 (under 500 nanometer light waves), and the scattering rate is 0.044.
    has a variety of colors, from colorless to black, with colorlessness. They can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Many diamonds are yellow, mainly because diamonds contain impurities. Vajrayana's refractive index is very high and scattered

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