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  1. Hospital refers to medical institutions with medical care services to people. The hospital convened a meeting to write a meeting notice. The following is the notice of the hospital meeting I brought to you for reference only.
    The notice of the hospital meeting 1
    The Beijing Concord Hospital, Wu Jieping Foundation, and Beijing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society will jointly hold "clinical basic test and cytology progress from April 18th to 20th of 20__ With the application training class ", combined with the work experience of the Beijing Union Hospital's inspection and clinical experts and some outside hospitals for many years, the training class will explain and discuss hot issues in the regular work of clinical basic testing. , Dynamic ingredients, parasites and sperm morphology study, the application experience of instrument performance verification and results of re -examination, clinical application of thrombosis hematopoietic experimental indicators and the application experience of quality assurance. I sincerely invite technical backbone personnel engaged in clinical basic test and cytology tests to participate.
    This training and reporting place: ______
    This training time: ____
    The contact group contact person: ____, telephone: 1861031 ____; e -_____ n Chen Qian, phone: __ 42619________; E-mail: ______
    Cuchroma: ______.
    _ _____ Hospital
    Please participate in the training class to send electrons before March 20, 20____. R n The sixth hospital of Peking University is a national continuing education base and a third -level hospital of the Ministry of Health. The hospital has a group of medical and nursing management experts who enjoy reputation at home and abroad.
    The teaching model of high -level practical nursing management training courses of psychiatric section adopts the teaching mode of theoretical lectures, classroom interaction, and case sharing to share the difficulties, hot issues in the development of psychiatric care with domestic peers, improve the level of psychiatric care management level , Promote the development of psychiatric care.
    The class is a national class I continuing education project. Hire the lectures of traditional Chinese medicine treatment and nursing experts in the field of mental health
    . The main teaching content
    1. Interpretation of the mental health method 2. The PDCA case sharing in the review of the level hospital 3. Interpretation of nursing standards during the review of the level hospital 4. How to establish a good relationship with patients with mental patients 5. Division and motivation interview skills of doctor -patient communication 6. Nursing scientific research topics
    7. Psychiatric risk management and safety prevention 8. Prevention of violence behavior in hospital workplace 9. Level hospital review hospital infection management standards
    . Participation objects
    The director of nursing and backbone of the Nursing Department of Mental Health Specialist Hospital. Community spiritual health doctors, nurses, etc.
    . Meeting time and place:
    . From June 26th to 30th, Beijing
    . Training fee: 1280 yuan/person (including training fee, data fee, certificate fee)
    This and lodging are arranged uniformly by the meeting, and the cost is at their own expense.
    . Credit: After the study is completed, a national -level I continuing education credits are granted 10 points.
    6. Registration method:
    Send it to: Beijing 100043-11 mailbox
    Tel: ______
    Contact person: Zhang Tao e -___ @163 We will follow the registration according to the registration Send a notice one week in advance to inform specific matters such as specific training locations, ride routes, pick -up, boarding, and schedule arrangements.
    The Sixth Hospital of Peking University
    The Nursing Department 20__ April 8th
    The participation in the reciprocity (valid copy) unit stamp
    The notification of hospital meeting 3
    respectful Tongren in neurology:
    Theninth Chinese Medicine Association China Neurology Medicine Conference will be held in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Taiyuan, and Nanjing on June 2-5, 20__. The meeting adopted the "four places" model to set up Chongqing as the main venue. Guangzhou, Taiyuan, and Nanjing were the branch venues to maximize the training needs of the majority of grassroots neurologists in my country; , High -quality disease clinical diagnosis and treatment and professional technical training opportunities; effectively reduce the various cost burdens of grass -roots neurologists participating in the meeting;
    This conference will continue to follow the concept of "close to clinical, industry training, rights protection management", Four venues have more than 10 training courses for clinical diagnosis and treatment skills to conduct in -depth exchanges and discussions on key issues such as clinical diagnosis and treatment of neurologists, professional skills, and physicians' rights protection. In addition, in order to show the youthful style of my country's neurologists, the debate competition will be held during the meeting. The healthy development of health care will also commend the outstanding neurologists in China. The specific matters are notified as follows:
    . The conference time
    20__ June 2nd report to register
    The opening ceremony of June 3-4 years of the year, official meeting
    20__ Closing ceremony on June 5th, at noon
    . The location of the conference
    (1) Main venue: Chongqing (Yuelai International Conference Center)
    (2) branch venue: Taiyuan (Shanxi International International Conference Center)
    (3) Sub -venue: Nanjing (Nanjing International Youth Conference Center)
    (4) Branch: Guangzhou (Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center)
    . Conference content
    (1) Neurotrophic science and technology training: neurological intervention training, neuro -image training, muscle and neuropsychiatric training, neuro -ultrasound training, neuroothing ICU training, neurotic conditioning, neurreal rehabilitation training, etc. Skills training of clinical disease diagnosis and treatment of internal medicine: cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, cognitive disorder, Parkinson's disease and motor disorders, pain and sensory disorders, neuropsychological and emotional disorders, neurotomorphic diseases, neural infection diseases, sleep disorders, diseases , Training for children's neurological diseases, brain and spinal cord damage;
    (3) Academic reports: Famous experts at home and abroad teach the latest progress in the key technologies of neurotic clinical diagnosis and treatment; Discussion interact with doctors: Discussion of suspicious cases of neurology and interactive activities such as neurology patient education, living guidance, etc.;
    (5) hot discussion: will be invited to the State Health and Family Planning Commission, the leaders of the Chinese physician association, legal experts, legal experts, and legal experts, News media representatives and other people conducted on -site discussions on the spot on current hot issues such as medical ethics, physician legal rights protection, medical reform status and opinions.
    (6) The establishment of a special committee/working committee: In order to further promote the development of neurology in my country, according to the direction of the discipline, the conference intends to establish the following three special committees and 3 work committees: brain and spinal cord Damage special committees, neural radiation special committees, neural ultrasound committees, precision medicine and transformation medical work committees, self -discipline and rights protection work committees, ethnic minority regions academic promotion work committees.
    (7) Commendation of Chinese outstanding neurologists: 5 major aspects of academic achievements, grassroots services, medical ethics, love dedication, and outstanding young physicians selected the Chinese Outstanding Neurologist Award The neurological physicians who have contributed outstanding contributions show the spiritual style of contemporary neuropatologists to save wounds and dedication, and promote the healthy development of my country's physician team and the healthy development of health undertakings.
    . Meeting schedule: __ year __ month __ day
    . participants
    national medical and health institutions, scientific research institutions, and colleges and universities are engaged in neurology clinical, management, scientific research, scientific research Medical, technology and researchers.
    6. Conference Organization: __

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