3 thoughts on “Is the Duo Duo Duo Duoduo data accurate?”

  1. Duo Duo Duo Duo Duo Duo is more accurate. Duo Duo Radar is a product of Duo Duo Intelligence. Duoduo Intelligence uses the cloud storage data center e -commerce big data intelligent cloud library to make large -scale storage on platform data, and modularize, refine, and real -time optimization updates through AI intelligence to ensure data capacity and accuracy. Create a high -quality data iterative update system.

    The industry data can analyze the entire environment of the product, including market, profit, merchant strength, and so on. Market analysis starts with word selection. Although there are many current promotion channels, as of so far, most customers are already looking for keywords and looking for products they need. Therefore, if your product connected keywords are relatively small in Pinduoduo, then it may not be suitable for selling on Pinduoduo. In fact, it is also very reference. The information of the peers is the most valuable no matter where it is. This is also what many stores should do, monitor and analyze peer stores, and find the advantages and disadvantages of shops through data analysis.

    wants to know more about this information, and recommend consultation with more information. Duoduo Intelligence is a smart mobile marketing service platform under Guangzhou Huirui Network Technology Co., Ltd. A social e -commerce data SaaS service provider provides data resources for enterprises, brands or individuals. Cover the mainstream e -commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Cross -border SHOPEE and WeChat Mini Program to provide data operation decision -making services.

  2. The accuracy of Dodo radar is guaranteed by 90%! Sometimes because it is obtained from the big data of the Pinduoduo market, the data record update will have a interval period, so there may be delay, but the accuracy is still fine.

  3. I have used this software that I have really used this software and it is not allowed. Either it does not show, they manually show you, the actual sales are 200, and their data shows more than 30,000. Not allowed to lie directly. And there is no customer service phone. The model cannot be retreated. Is a scammer company

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