5 thoughts on “When buying a diamond ring at Blue Nile, how long can I receive a diamond ring?”

  1. When buying a diamond ring at Blue Nile, the time to get to different places is different. You can see the "free and safe delivery service" on the "our service" on the Blue Nile official website. It takes about how long it takes for different places, or ask for customer service online, they will also tell you the answer. Generally, if you choose to send the diamond ring to Hong Kong, China, it only takes 3 to 6 days. If you send it to mainland China, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks. For the sake of insurance, it is recommended to reserve 4-6 weeks.

  2. If you do n’t buy a diamond ring, you can generally receive it in about a month. If you ca n’t receive it, you can check whether the customs record was deducted by the customs. I was deducted by the customs to pay me taxes.

  3. Blue Nile is the largest jewelry seller online, with a good reputation and a well -known international brand. Buying a diamond ring on it is also very fast. Generally, it is shipped from the nearest store.

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